We create brand <sillymann> with familiar image such as ‘be silly!’.
<sillymann>is providing convenience and pleasure from life when you are making food,
concerned kid’s safe and health. Dreaming silicone,
<sillymann> has a small impression of everyday life and happily making.

Brand Story

There was a person who called sillymann.
He is a scientist, humanistic scholar, creator and marketer at the same time.
However, he had other reason to call “An interesting man”.

He is thinking that he could change the world with his curious, silly, funny and incredible idea.
He is not calling himself as “genius” but he is interested in “genius idea”.
Then, he made decision no material could be better than silicone to make this idea to be real in the world and do it someday.

He chose to listen what people thinking rather than researching the trend of products and customer what normally company does.
He chose the idea of even one man to design creative one.
A man’s thinking could be more important than hundreds of researching.
Is any marketers could think these simple and dramatic idea?

“I’m silly. So I have ‘COURAGE’ to do anything!”
This is the reason why people start to call him as “sillymann”.
The 1st dramatic ideal space is kitchen.
We could expect dramatic sillymann’s product because it will change the ideas of kitchen.
Now, kitchen is going to be curious play space not just working space.

He believes silicone can change our life style.
Be silly! Play silicone!

Company Introdution

Tsillymann Co.,Ltd.

Address 116, Donyu2-ro, Paju-eup, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Area Site size : 11,567㎡
Building Area : 9,098㎡
Machine 50 press machine, 3 LSR machine and High-Tech Quality test equipment
Employee 100
Capacity (year)600ton, 5 million pcs




Future unification of Korea was established in the center of the silicone manufacturing plant in Paju city, safe and sanitary
home appliances and high-tech industrial, medical parts, on-site management for the production of ,
thorough plant management, operations management system using state-of-the-art facility with top quality plant is specialized
in producing safe products. Products, as well as customer’s needs for high-quality test equipment and real-world
test for the model house lab, also changing times for the development of new technologies, properties for development
research organization, and equipped the undisputed.



SEP Establishing company


OCT Establish brand “sillymann”
NOV Paju plant construction
DEC 1st Home shopping lancuhing(KOR).


FEB Export to Japan
MAR Attend living design fair(KOR) 2012
Home shopping(KOR)-6 times
APR Attend home&living fair (KOR)
MAY Livart enterd
AUG Launching MOMO home shopping(Taiwan)
SEP Attend Seoul gift show(KOR)
Mario outlet entered
Happy department store entered
Mega Mart entered
DEC E-mart entered
Lotte department store entered


MAR Attend 2013 Chicago IHA show
Entered K-hit(NewJersey)
Export to Singapore, Thailand and Austraila
SEP Paju flag store open
OCT “sillymann cera” good design awarded
Hanssem entered


FEB Attend 2014 frankfurt ambiente show
MAR entered Incheon Square 1
JUL NH Hanaro mart entered
AUG Hyundai department store entered
SEP Lotte mart entered


JAN Export to Kazakhstan
JUN Lotte Vic market entered
DEC “sillymann Jumony” Good design awared
Beijing Yansha Youyi Shopping center entered


MAR “sillymann Jumony” Red dot design awared
Export to Taiwan
APR Doosan duty free entered
Hanhwa duty free entred
Change company name “sillymann”

System & Process

Cure system

Peroxide cure Addition reaction cure
Catalyst Peroxide pt
Smell Smells No smells
By-product O X
Curing time Short Long
Appearance Translucence Transparency
Price Low High
Product Non-prove product Sillymann product

Product manufacturing process



Kitchenware | Baby producta | Outdoor Product | Bathware

Product Line

Store·Fair view

Store·Fair view




  • Frying pan
  • Ice Mould
  • Jumony

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