Function + Design

For An Eco-Cool Kitchen

Naturnic™ is another eminent Korean kitchenware brand since 2008 where Kitchen Club holds sole South East Asia distributorship of their products. With the goal of a cleaner and healthier kitchen experience in mind for the consumer, Naturnic™ leads the way with
their range of Dish Racks constructed with 304-grade stainless steel as well as anti-microbial Cutting Board sets with easy and colourful organisation features.

Naturnic Company Limited
159-1 Gajwa Dong, IIsan Seo Gu
Goyangsi, Gyeonggi Do, South Korea 411440
Tel: 011 82 31 908 1201
Fax: 011 8231 904 1125

Annual Sales : $30 Million
Total Employees : 50
Employee at USA office : 4
Primary Line of Business : Kitchenware with specializing Cutting Board & Portable Dish Wash Dispenser

Business Profile
Since its establishment in Korea in 2004, Naturnic Company Limited has become the leading manufacturer of kitchenware product exporter in Korea. We currently exported to various countries in Asia, Europe, and South America with recently established Liaison and Sales office in New York, USA.
The company expanded its production capacity in triple in last 5 years and continues to invest in our Research & Development on new products.
All our products are manufactured our own factory in South Korea.

Management & Product Development Flow Chart